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"Few have approached the place of honor this one holds."

A Taste of Blackberries (Ages: 8-12)

My mother's first book, A TASTE OF BLACKBERRIES, was published when I was sixteen. Many years later, long after mom has passed away, I wanted to post something about her book on Wikipedia.


I knew mom had written a great book but I wanted to know what the critics had said. To find out, I visited the Main Branch of the New York Public Library, mom's favorite place to hang out while in New York City. 


Here is what I found:

"IT WILL BE DIFFICULT to find a children's book this autumn by a new author as good as Doris Buchanan Smith's A Taste of Blackberries."

Times Literary Supplement (London)


"A CELEBRATION of the continuity of the life-death cycle."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"ONE OF THE SEMINAL CHILDREN'S BOOKS on the subject of death."

School Library Journal


"IT BLAZED THE WAY for the many other grief books that quickly followed, but few have approached the place of honor this one holds."

Jim Trelease Giant Treasury of Great Read-Aloud Books (Penguin Books)